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Additional Resources

Additional resources and support organizations are available to Veterans Service Officers, veterans and their families. Here are a few:

CART Providers Directory

This directory of Communications Access Realtime Translation (CART) providers is a resource for people looking to support events for individuals, small groups and large audiences through captioning service streamed to screens of any size—from smart phones to giant monitors—anywhere in the country.

DoD Hearing Center of Excellence

The Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence (HCE) promotes the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, rehabilitation and research of hearing loss and auditory injury. It supports the development, exchange and adoption of best practices, research and clinical care guidelines to reduce the prevalence and cost of hearing loss and tinnitus among warriors and veterans.

National Intrepid Center of Excellence

The National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE), a directorate of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, helps service members and their families manage their Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Psychological Health (PH) conditions through:

  • Cutting-edge diagnostic evaluation
  • Comprehensive treatment planning
  • Outpatient clinical care
  • TBI and PH research

WebMD Hearing Loss Directory

WebMD’s Hearing Loss Directory provides a comprehensive A-to-Z directory of resources and information about hearing loss and other hearing-related conditions, as well as research, treatments and assistive technologies.

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