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Hearing Loss Challenges Generations of Veterans

Learn how hearing loss significantly impacts veterans of any generation firsthand. 

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Heroes Mobile CapTel: What to Know

VSOs can share this handout with veterans to inform them about the new Heroes Mobile™ CapTel® app for iOS devices.

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Infographic: Staying Connected is Key to Better Health for Vets

This colorful infographic on how staying connect leads to better health for veterans is a must-read for anyone helping care…

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Social Distance Doesn’t Mean Social Isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a new phrase into mainstream awareness: Social Distancing. In this brief, we examine the effects of…

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7 Key Comorbidities of Hearing Loss

It’s important to know the key comorbidities of hearing loss and how they can impact veterans.

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You’ve Earned This Freedom: Providing enhanced care to veterans with hearing loss

This white paper covers a unique set of skills for treating veterans with hearing loss.

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Certification of Hearing Loss/Order Form

Download the form and have your VSO or hearing healthcare professional complete and submit.

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Treating Veteran Patients: The unique challenges of serving

Hearing loss and treatment is different for veterans and the VSOs and hearing healthcare professionals who treat them.

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Veterans Service Officer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions from Veterans Service Officers regarding the Heroes With Hearing Loss program from Hamilton CapTel.

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Hamilton® CapTel® Product Brochure

Explore captioned telephone solutions for personal and business use. 

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