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Assistive Technology

Numerous advances in technology have occurred in the last several years that support veterans who are dealing with hearing loss. In addition to the resources listed below, Heroes With Hearing Loss® is available to support veterans in their search for hearing assistive technologies. Just contact us!

Hamilton® CapTel®

Hamilton CapTel, sponsor of Heroes With Hearing Loss, provides captioned telephones that work just like any other phone—except there’s a screen that displays captions of what’s said in the conversation as it’s happening. Veterans with hearing loss can qualify to receive a captioned phone at no cost* with certification. Download the Certificate of Hearing Loss/Order Form below and complete it with your VSO, hearing healthcare professional or primary care doctor.


Through a hearing care network of nearly 4,000 independently practicing hearing healthcare professionals, HearUSA administers hearing benefits and provides related services, including special discounts for veterans with hearing loss.

Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program

Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) works closely with wounded, ill and injured service members to ensure they receive appropriate accommodations and support services through the introduction of assistive technology during recovery and rehabilitation at military treatment facilities and wounded warrior programs.

*Independent third-party professional certification or veteran self-certification required..

Order a captioned telephone at no cost!

Simply fill out the order form to receive a Hamilton CapTel phone at no cost.