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Veterans Service Officers

The Heroes With Hearing Loss® program is proud to work with Veterans Service Officers across the country in supporting their veteran clients with hearing loss. Our goal is to help deepen the relationships that veterans may find challenging as a result of their hearing loss. By working with VSOs, solutions can be found that help veterans connect with what’s most important in their lives.


Heroes With Hearing Loss is proud to be the national sponsor of the National Association of County Veterans Service Officers (NACVSO). Approximately 2,400 county and state employees from 29 states and several Native American tribes collaborate with the Department of Veterans Affairs to speed the process of claims development and transition of military personnel to civilian life.

Finding a Veterans Service Officer

Whether you’re seeking a Veterans Service Officer in your state or you’re a Veterans Service Officer looking to connect with others, here’s where you can find VSOs in each state.

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Heroes With Hearing Loss downloads and resources

As part of our commitment to veterans, Veterans Service Officers and hearing healthcare professionals, the Heroes With Hearing Loss program provides a growing repository of resources. Infographics, articles, white papers, briefs, videos and blogs are readily available to help veterans and professionals stay informed of news, trends, events and other factors that impact their lives.