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Veterans with hearing loss can get a captioned telephone at no cost

When it comes to hearing loss, those affected are particularly at-risk for social isolation and associated comorbidities.1 This is an even greater concern for military veterans. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “among military veterans, the most common service-connected disabilities are hearing impairments.”2 Knowing this, it becomes critically evident that veterans stay connected for their physical and mental well-being – and one way to do this is through the use of a captioned telephone, provided by Hamilton® CapTel®.

Hamilton CapTel captioned telephones work like traditional phones but with one significant difference – veterans can listen while reading captions of what’s said to them displayed on the built-in screen of the phone. The captioned telephone service* is available at no cost to the user and can be accessed 24/7 nationwide.

The Heroes With Hearing Loss® (HWHL) program, sponsored by Hamilton CapTel, is committed to making veterans with hearing loss aware that they are eligible to receive a Hamilton CapTel captioned telephone at no cost. The HWHL program is independent from the VA disability claim process, and it’s important to note that a veteran’s hearing loss does not have to be service-related to receive a captioned phone at no cost.

Certificate of Hearing Loss Form

To receive a captioned telephone at no cost, simply fill out the HWHL Veteran Self-Certification/Order Form below:

Veteran Details

Step 1 2
Applicant Details
Order Details

Do you have high-speed internet and telephone service? These are required for use of the Hamilton CapTel phone.

Please select which phone model you’d like, below:*

840i specs
2400i specs

Applicant Authorization*

*The captioning service is provided at no cost to the user.

1 Lena Kauffman, “Social Engagement and Hearing Loss,” The Hearing Review, 2019

2 “Severe Hearing Impairment Among Military Veterans” CDC, July 2011

Other ways to get a captioned phone

Interested in getting a Hamilton CapTel captioned telephone as a gift for someone else? View some other options to obtain one. If you or someone you care about just can’t hear on the phone, see the difference one phone call can make with Hamilton CapTel.