Committed to Veterans

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Heroes With Hearing Loss is provided by Hamilton CapTel®, a division of Hamilton Telecommunications — a family-owned company, founded in 1901 in Aurora, Nebraska.

Hamilton greatly appreciates the sacrifices of the men and women who have protected and preserved this great country and is pleased to extend their expertise in captioned telephone services — directly to veterans with hearing loss.

Hamilton CapTel makes it possible to listen while reading everything said to you on the phone — making phone conversations simple and accessible for individuals with hearing loss.

Through the Heroes With Hearing Loss Program, Hamilton CapTel makes it easy for any veteran with hearing loss to order a Hamilton CapTel phone.

We encourage you to find out more about Hamilton CapTel and see if a captioned telephone is a viable solution for you or a veteran you care about. Visit HamiltonCapTel.com/veterans for more details.